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Hello everyone. Nice to see a impala community has been started.… - All things Impala

About Hello everyone. Nice to see a impala community has been started.…

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Hello everyone.

Nice to see a impala community has been started. It's sad to see that there arent many members or posts....this shit has got to change. Either way I thought some photos of my impala would be in order so here you al are, enjoy.

So here it is, Ex Ontario Provincial Police unit 6-204. Its a 2001 with a 3.8 liter V6. All the lights, horns, sirens and other fancy accesories that come with a police model are removed. The only parts that remain with the car that come with a police model are the Cop tires, suspension, braking system, and high preformance radiator. Also, the engine perfomance chip that comes with a police impala is removed (sob)

One thing that freaks out the squares about my car is where it still reads "police" on the trunk lid. This isnt anything that I have added to the car itself, this is just the effects of years of exposure to the sun pretty much baking the letters onto the lid.

This is a shot of the engine. The GM catalyst 3.8Litre. Not much to say about it besides the fact the engine is where ive made my only modification to the car.

This is the intake on my car. Notice it looks a bit different? Well it is. Im not much of a fan of the OEM intake system, so to take care of that I purchased an after market intake system pretty much consisting of a larger, unrescticted intake pipe with a K&N high flow air filter which is designed especially for off roading/racing. It has definetly made a difference to the way my car runs.

So thats pretty much it. I plan on adding things to the car...provided I make some decent cash. Ill be sure to take some photos and post them here.

Cheers and shit.
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Date:December 30th, 2005 06:33 am (UTC)
nice car!

FYI, there is no 'performance chip' with the 9C1's...it has a different gear ratio (3.29) in the transmission, which is what makes it faster...that coupled with the heavy duty radiator, suspension, and higher top speed...
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