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All things Impala

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Oct. 5th, 2006 @ 10:47 am
Hey everyone... I have the chance at buying a Chevy Impala from our local Highway Patrol. I was wondering if anyone had any comments on this... it seems fairly legit.

1977 - 2007 Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 10:00 am
My, how the Impala has changed over the course of 30 years... and to think that the nameplate will by 50 years old with the next model year.

This is Gen... my 1977 2dr. She was a wonderful car. Bought her with 130k miles, and eventually let go of her a few years ago for all the wrong reasons. I've got a few more pics of her here. If anybody knows of a 1977 2dr for sale, please let me know!

I've had her for about a week now... so nice to be driving a large car again!

Jun. 11th, 2006 @ 01:18 am

I thought I would join this community. Last week, I got myself a 2006 Impala LT.

Here's the photo album.
Click here for 2006 Impala Pics

I must say, it is a nice car. I have my iPod shuffle hooked up to the stereo. It does has the CD/MP3 player but no XM. I put in a K&N Filter a couple days ago.
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Chevy on Chevy crime May. 5th, 2006 @ 03:53 pm
Apparently, as awesome as the Impala might be, it doesn't stand a whole lot of a chance against a Venture going 35. $5800 later my car is kinda fixed... Anyway, a couple pics of the carnage. The van had minor damage from what I saw, the moron driving it swallowed her steering wheel, so to speak, knocked out her two front teeth and broke her nose.
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» (No Subject)
A 1974 Impala just fell into my lap. I'm in love.

All original body, paint, seats, and engine. V8, automatic transmission.

It's going to need a repaint, but I'm holding off for warmer weather. It spent the first half of it's life in a garage, so the paint to rust ratio is not too bad, but it looks very dull. I'm going to get it some good wax tonight. You can tell just by looking at it that it yearns to be shiny.

It looks like my car is the oldest one here so far (hopefully that's okay?).. but I was wondering if any of you had any experience or with older models? I'm going to need to replace a window and replace/tweak a few other odds and sods, and I'm looking for input.
This isn't my first classic vehicle, but the work I've done previously has not extended past sanding and primering.
» (No Subject)
hi guys! i just joined up, figured i'd check to see if there was an impala community. :)

anyway, good resources on impalas:

http://www.naioa.com/ (VERY active message board, very knowledgable owners)

i have a 2001 impala 9c1 (police package) which i have done quite a few modifications to...HID driving lights, a FWI (fenderwell intake, slightly different than a cold air intake), poly motor mounts, GM molded splash guards, removed the resonator, ventvisors, a skid plate, kyb gr-2 struts, normal prestone coolant, and a bunch of other stuff.

my future plans are replacing the stock certified instrument cluster with a monte carlo SS cluster (with tachometer, volt gauge, and oil pressure gauge), installing a drivers information center, getting the u-bend taken out of the exhaust, and getting the DHP powertuner. at some point i may get a ported throttle body, but that's after i do all the other stuff. ;)

catch you all around!
» (No Subject)
Hello everyone.

Nice to see a impala community has been started. It's sad to see that there arent many members or posts....this shit has got to change. Either way I thought some photos of my impala would be in order so here you al are, enjoy.

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» Mission Statement
So if it wasn't obvious before, this is a community for Chevy Impala owners, soon to be owners, used to be owners, anyone who wants to know, or has anything to say about the Impala. I started it because I want to customize my 2001 Impala and there aren't many good forums on the subject that I've found. Knowing that LJ has a myriad of users I figured there are others like me, who either need advice or can give it. So please, come, read, learn, and share. Whether it be stories or pics of mods, races, problems, whatever.
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